Electric Motors and Reducers

Motoreducers come from MFA COMO DRILLS MFA_940D_20180901

I use 940D series reducers (32 mm) with RE 385 DC motors (27.5 mm diameter) :

  • With 1:5 planetary gears reducer for Worm Gears and Linear Actuators (ref. 940D51)
  • With 1:100 planetary gears reducer for Bevel Gears actuators (ref. 940D1001)

When I decided to add encoders, I had to replace the motors with new one including dual shafts. I could only find them in 24V.

First complete robot tests showed that the x2 axis actuators with RE 385  could not produce enough torque to deal with the cantilevered weight of the lifted leg. So I remplaced  motors with RE 540 (37 mm diameter). That solved the problem.

I was concerned about how the reducers would react with such high torques but so far I had no failure.